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Your house is sold in 5 steps

Do you want to sell your house later? No problem. Let us know that you thinking of selling your current home. For us it doesn’t matter if you want to sell your current home in 5 years for example. We take care of all the preparations. So that your home is ready for sale when you are ready.

First let’s get to know each other

First we get to know each other. This can be done at your home or online. We talk about your sales wishes and we discuss the current market conditions with you.

You get everything on paper with clear agreements

We ensure that all your wishes and comments are recorded on paper, together with the sales strategy and sales price. We bundle this information together with clear agreements into 1 file.

Sit back and we will do the rest

We prepare your home for sale. We check the information about your home with your municipality and the Land Registry and look for visible defects and special features in your home.

Your home is fully promoted

We ensure that your property is featured on Funda, social media and other relevant housing sites. In addition, you can see in your personal KIJCK-login how many and which viewings are planned.

Your home has been sold for the best offer

Hooray you have an offer! We conduct the negotiations in consultation with you. We then ensure the recording and signing of the agreements in a purchase agreement. At the end we do the final inspection with you and the buyer and we sign the deed of delivery at the notary. Congratulations your house is now officially sold!

Yes, I also want to sell my house at KIJCK. makelaars

Yes, I also want to sell my house at KIJCK. makelaars

Please feel free to contact us. Click on the location and call, mail or Whatsapp us.

We are doing this for you

  • We ensure that your home ranks high on Funda.

  • We ensure that your property is promoted on social media.

  • We arrange professional floor plans of your home.

  • We arrange a professional photographer who takes pictures and a video of your home.

  • We will make a refreshing flyer of your home for you to attract potential buyers.

  • We ensure that your home is equipped with our striking ‘For Sale’-sign.

You only do this

  • You give us the key to your home.

  • You call, email or Whatsapp with all your questions.

  • You look at the status of your home in your personal online KIJCK-file if you are curious.

  • You are busy with packing the moving boxes.

  • You drink a glass of champagne with us for a successful sale 😉

We unburden you completely

As you can see, we arrange everything for you and sell your home with the highest selling price. We ensure that your home is optimally highlighted and that we quickly find potential buyers for you.

I would like to know the price of the last 3 sold houses in my street

Calculate your advantage here

On average in the Netherlands, real estate agents charge 1.5% commission for the sale price of a home. We think this concept is outdated; why pay more for a higher sale price? If the services are exactly the same.

That is why you pay a fixed rate of 2950,- (all-in) at KIJCK. makelaars. Below you can see exactly how much you pay with a standard real estate agent. See how much you can safe.

Price at estate agent with 1.5% brokerage (including VAT)
2.950 Fixed low all-in price from KIJCK. (including VAT)
This is the amount you pay to much at other estate agents

We have more than 50 current housing offer for you.


Our customers rate us with a 9.5 on Funda en Google.


In 2021 we have sold more than 121 houses.

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1. Questions about the fixed rate

  • How can you use 1 fixed rate?

    This is because we wondered: “Why would you pay a higher brokerage percentage for the sale of a more expensive house?”. The work is exactly the same when selling a house of 300,000 euros and a house of 600,000 euros. That is why we work with 1 fixed rate, regardless of the selling price of your house. In addition, unlike other brokers, we work with a digital customer file. Here you can monitor the entire sales process yourself. And we offer a tailor-made media package that is very effective. In short, why should you pay more?

  • What kind of commission percentage do you use?

    We do not use a commission percentage but a fixed rate of 2950,-

2. Questions about our services

  • What do we do for 2950,-?

    All the services you are used to from a real estate agent. For example, we put your home high on Funda and other websites, we use our social media to promote your home, we make professional floor plans and photos for you, we have a digital customer environment where you can view everything and we have a strong promotional package. Send us an email, Whatsapp or give us a call. We are more than happy to send you the details of our promotional package.

  • Do you also do taxation?

    Of course! We have 2 Registered Valuers in the office, Leonie Rump and Denise van der Winden, both are Registered Estate Agents as well as Registered Valuers and can prepare a validated valuation report.

  • Do you also do something with mortgages?

    We work together with an independent mortgage advisor. He can look at all banks and insurance companies where he can get the best offer for you. This way you can be sure that your mortgage is properly arranged.

  • What do you not do that other real estate agents do?

    We do everything that any other real estate agent does. We work very efficiently. We have a wide range of products and can therefore work for a competitive rate.

  • What do I have to do?

    Almost nothing. Basically what you need to worry about is your new home. So what you do is pack your moving boxes yourself and in the end drinking a nice glass of champagne with us ?

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