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The NVM estate agent with a fixed rate
Would you like to sell your house in the Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer or Almere area? Do you not want to pay a commission percentage on your selling price, so that you have money left for e.g. a new bathroom? Then you have come to the right place. We sell your home for a fixed rate of 2950,- regardless of the sales value of your home.

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Do you have a question about your home? Do you want to move in a while? Or request a free introductory meeting? It’s all possible! Click on the area near you and contact us without obligation.

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What our customers say

We are proud of our customers and we hope to make you happy too.

5 uit 5 sterren
Beoordeling vanuit Google

“We were recently incredibly well served by Maaike and her colleagues. Maaike was always available to answer our questions and made us feel comfortable throughout the process. She knows the market like no other and knew exactly how best to present our home. We are very satisfied with her work and recommend her without hesitation, to anyone looking for a reliable and competent real estate agent. Kijck has a top price/quality ratio. Truly a discovery!

Zia Mughal Eddastraat 5 in Almere
22 July 2023
Zia Mughal - Eddastraat 5 in Almere
8,0 Beoordeling vanuit Funda

“The broker was involved and driven for all parties to quickly reach a good deal. He was also easy to reach and willing to think about other matters. Great to work together like this.”

Dhr. Borgart Hoofdweg 875 in Amsterdam
25 July 2023
Dhr. Borgart - Hoofdweg 875 in Amsterdam

Our average customer rating is a 9.6 on Funda and Google.

Be completely relieved

Be completely relieved

  • You will get a professional photographer who will highlight your home in photos and a 360 degree video.

  • You don’t have to hold any viewings yourself; we take care of that for you.

  • Through your personal KIJCK account you will be kept up to date about the status of your property.

  • Your home will be promoted on Funda and our social media channels.

  • You leave the negotiations to us. Ofcourse we’ll take care of that!

The benefits of KIJCK.

  • We do not charge a percentage commission. With us you pay the fixed price of 2950,-.

  • All the services you expect from a real estate agent.

  • Only pay when your house has been sold.

  • With our online platform you can watch at every time the offers and status of your home.

  • Customers rate us a 9.6 on Funda.

Never pay too much

Why should you pay more brokerage for a property with a sales price of 600,000 euros, than a property with a sales price of 400,000 euros?

Grab your advantage

A higher sales price does not mean different work. The brokerage services are exactly the same and yet you have to pay more commission. We think this is not transparent and that’s why at KIJCK. makelaars you pay a fixed commission rate of 2950,-. Regardless of the sales value and you only pay when your house is sold.

Yes, I would like to have a free appointment

Yes, I would like to have a free appointment

No problem! We are more than happy to arrange that. Click on your location and Whatsapp, call or mail us.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Did you found what you were looking for?
Team KIJCK. Makelaars